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The greatest global need right now is the need to create vaccines, not just against viruses, but against the increase in Mental Health issues and the increasing risk of future addictions. is that solution. Now, every home and every workplace can engage with their own psychological and emotional stability development. We owe it to ourselves in the here and now, if we truly want to empower the generations to come.

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CBT: Motivation in isolation

In these times of global confusion and anxiety, CBT Mindfulness becomes an empowerment tool for each of us to manage our own mental and emotional storms.

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Parenting Styles

From the cries of thousands of addicted men and women we have discovered how seemingly innocent Parenting Styles can actually be the embryo of an addiction, making this the ideal tool for Addiction Prevention Parenting.

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The Valley of Addiction

Showing people how and why they became addicted supported by how and why they stayed addicted is quite standard. Going the extra mile and nurturing them into a life-changing recovery process, in the sanctity of their own home, is totally unique.

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You are the only person who can call you an addict or an alcoholic. This short sharp presentation, taken from the lecture room of an internationally sought after treatment facility, offers a crystal clear picture where you will know, one way or the other.

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